My name is Andreas Ågren and I'm a developer from Malmö in south Sweden, where I live with my wife and son. I work at Apptus Technologies AB with integration. My day-to-day technologies are C#, SQL Server, ASP.NET, Java and Javascript. I am very passionate about software development and I love learning, reading about and practicing it.

The name Include Brain originates from a joke between me and my brother sometime during early 2000. At the time I studied C++, and if you're a developer you might know that files are imported with e.g. #include <foo.h>

We were at Dreamhack and, possibly after I got my ass handed to me in Quake 3 by a twelve year old, I suggested that some people really should #include <brain.h>

Being perfectly reasonable, my brother printed this on a cap:

Include brain cap

If you would like to get in touch with me, there are a number of options on the About page.

I hope you will enjoy my writings!